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Benefits of implementing this
Reminder Service on your Website.

"One to One Relationships"
Customer relationship is crucial to your business success. The Remind me button builds a one to one relationship with your visitor by gaining their trust. 

"Ease of Use"
Easy to create and implement the "Remind Me Button" HTML Code. Control Panel is easy to use. NO Registration for your customer.  
"Increased Sales"
Repeat traffic is the lifeblood to the success for any website. The Remind Me Button allows the website owner to increase exposure to their products and services, which in turn come back as increased sales. 
“Targeted Marketing”
While building your customer list your prospects can be segmented according to the Buttons (Items or Services) that they use. This lets you market to your prospects more effectively, efficiently and personally
"Knowledge is Power"
The knowledge gathered  about your visitor interest is invaluable. Each Remind Me button on your site is unique in that it contains specific information related to each of your products and services.

"Recover marketing dollars"
Optimize marketing dollars spend on attracting website visitors. The Remind Me Button allows you to recover some of the marketing dollar investments by capturing visitor information in a non intrusive way. 

You have Nothing to Lose and
So Much to Gain




NO Risk
NO Obligation
NO Credit Card
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